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Getting Connected 


Connecting has become a multi-dimensional word and concept. We connect to people on line, through texting, and through more traditional mechanisms, like fax machines and landlines.

People connect to each other and various contents everyday in the same way that scientists today connect.  When we fix something that is broken, present and do a math problem, log into the internet looking for an answer, decide what affect a given medication will have on our bodies, or determine if we can mix two known substances together – we are connecting the processes of inquiry, problem identification, problem solving, and critical thinking.

The needs of the 21st Century learner and worker demands making connections between people, things and problems all the time.

  • What would happen to our solutions if the only way to solve a problem was through reading a textbook, or to have someone else tell us how to solve or address a problem?
  • What would happen if we could not discuss, see or explore the problems we face, individually and collectively?
  • How effective would our solutions be if we only solved problems with these one dimensional tools, and did this by ourselves?

Connection and interaction is at the heart of learning, innovation and achievement,  Cognitive and brain research supports young people learning by doing, discussing and exploring.  The interaction between our thinking and doing can solidify concepts, sustain content knowledge, and improve practice.

HOSP strives toward classrooms, teachers and people who CONNECT!



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